Emotional and Psychological Effects of Divorce

by Lawteryx editor on February 9, 2017

emotional and psychological effects of divorce

The rate of divorce in the United States is over 50%, making it the highest divorce rate in the world. As many as a third of all second marriages end in divorce. Divorce is not an easy choice, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Below are just a few psychological and emotional effects that may result from divorce:

  • Increased depression may result because the individual feels that the hopes and dreams of a successful, happy marriage have ended.
  • Financial stress can accumulate because divorce is often financially draining and devastating.
  • Guilt is commonly felt by the initiator of the divorce.
  • Shock, betrayal, insecurity and decreased self-esteem are common emotional reactions from the non initiator. Many feel the desire to seek vengeance, but this will not make you feel better or improve the situation.
  • Feelings of chaos, fear, relief, resentment and doubt frequently occur.

Before filing for divorce, prepare yourself for these and other feelings and consequences. It’s most important to receive counseling and legal support in the event of a divorce.

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